What we do

Some people talk about aspirational travelling. We call our concept social travelling, because of our conviction that people are just as important as places. We want to experience, share, impress and improve.

The Upscale platform is the core of our business. Upscale is not a transportation site. Upscale is not a dating site. But, we do of course not exclude that new friendships and contacts are created. On the contrary, that´s part of what we are here for.

For travellers:

Using the Upscale platform, travelers can manage not only the places and contents of their trip, but also what people they will meet. The Upscale app will show who else is interested or going, allowing users to connect with others even before boarding the plane. They can also access exclusive venues and manage personal meetings.

This is what you will need to use Upscale:

  • Create or import a personal profile.
  • Register for travel programs with “interested”, “going” or “invite”.
  • Each travel program will show you who and who many are going and how many are interested. We know that seeing “who else is coming”, can be key trigger for your decision-making.
  • If you introduce others, referral points are awarded that you can use in their travel experience. This means you can influence and manage your personal travel experience even before it begins.
  • On Upscale you will also be able to share pictures and videos from your trip, link to other social media where this is done, rate and review your experience.

Travel service providers:

We will also collaborate with partners to develop, produce and curate travel contents for Chinese travellers. Upscale travel activities will be based on themes and events, where we arrange personal and behind-the-scenes meetings with interesting and attractive personalities including local influencers, designers, innovators, experts and chefs at select restaurants. By connecting selected personalities and experts in areas of interest on-site with travellers, we upscale the total travel experience.