Upscale is a Stockholm-based social travel company. We will develop the social travel app of the future, targeting first the Chinese-speaking market and Scandinavia as a destination. We are currently looking to raise 300,000 USD to fund the development and the launch of the app.

We are open to discuss a share deal and give great weight and importance to investors who can contribute to the development of the business.

The Team


Louise left Sweden in 1994 to study law in Beijing (in Chinese), and remained abroad till 2008 working in Germany, Australia, Singapore and many other places on assignments ranging from Senior Investment Manager to startup CEO.  She is particularly proud of three things.

  • Getting BBC World to make a documentary about a clean-tech startup that she was heading up, as part of an application to the BBC World Challenge in 2006 (we made it to the finals).
  • Receiving a special eulogy on her favorite radio show Spanarna (‘Trendspotters’) in November 2017, because of an interview she gave on the national morning news Morgonekot.
  • Presenting a global assessment report of the UN Global Compact that she co-authored, at the UN Headquarters in New York in 2015.

KAI PHILIP CHIANG Technical & Hospitality Advisor to the Board

Kai is the Head of IT & Digital Transformation at ESS Group, and formerly Senior IT-project and Service Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels. Kai has a BBUS in Hospitality Management (La Trobe Uni.) and a Diploma in Hospitality Management from Centre International d`Glion.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic and experienced persons to join and/or to invest.
Are YOU one of them?

For more information and an investment prospect, please contact:


Tel.: +46 733 898929

SKYPE: lcbrown88

WeChat: Louise_Brown